David Doolabi Group Companies

The David Doolabi Group is currently expanding and is open to new ventures
Lavash Mediterranean Grill
A menu featuring an array of classic Mediterranean meat platters, wraps & sides in a casual space.
Goli Garden
We offer high-class hookah, appetizers and drinks and you can even book our space for your own private event.
Entourage (Coming Soon)
A modern high-end European Restaurant, Bar, Patio, and VIP Night Lounge with (Coming Winter 2022)
Doolabi Brothers Real Estate
Doolabi Brothers manages and owns a series of real estate ventures in the local Atlanta area and internationally.
Royal Water Company
High-end purified water, served in the restaurant industries and event venues
Farsi Kitchen (Coming Soon)
A modern mediterranian restaurant and bar (Coming Winter 2022)
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Lets Start

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