The David Doolabi Group oversees a wide variety of business ventures, ranging from high-class restaurants and lounges, all the way to real estate ventures across the world. Here are our portfolio companies:
BANU (Coming Spring 2023)
Featuring a beautiful menu of select Mediterranean and Persian grill cuisines in this elegant eatery in Atlanta. BANU also has a luxury high-end private room for members and loyal customers.
Farsi Kitchen
Farsi Kitchen is an elegant, social, and fine dining Mediterranean/ Persian experience in Atlanta, GA. Our menu features an array of savory Mediterranean meat platters and entrees to be enjoyed in a social atmosphere that combines elegance, entertainment, and comfort.
Lavash Mediterranean Grill
A menu featuring an array of classic Mediterranean meat platters, wraps & sides in a casual space.
Doolabi Brothers Real Estate
Doolabi Brothers manages and owns a series of real estate ventures in the local Atlanta area and internationally.
Entourage (Coming Soon)
A modern high-end European Restaurant, Bar, Patio, and VIP Night Lounge with (Coming Winter 2022)
Royal Water Company
High-end purified water, served in the restaurant industries and event venues
Goli Garden
We offer high-class hookah, appetizers and drinks and you can even book our space for your own private event.
An authentic Mediterranean experience with savory Persian cuisine in Miami
Lets Start
Lets Start