Serial Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Venture Capitalist

David Doolabi is a Serial Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and is an expert of the world of food/drink and entertainment currently building his empire in Atlanta. He is the proud owner of Lavash Medeterran Grill and Lavash Food Company (Franchising), Royal Water Company, Goli Garden Night Club & Lounge, entourage restaurant and bar Doolabi Brothers Real Estate and expanding into new ventures constantly. David has dedicated the success and passion for his businesses in honor of his father, who means everything to him and his family. David continues to create meaningful partnerships and collaborations and plans to take his business globally.

Dylan began his career in digital marketing as a data analyst in the music industry. This work in marketing analytics became the core of his data-driven marketing approach. A major component in Dylan’s marketing philosophy is to “always trust the data”, no matter how much it goes against your creative instincts. NextCore Media is consistently building and improving advanced analytics and tracking software, with the intention of making NextCore Media a market leader in conversion rate optimization.

Ander co-founded NextCore Media with Christian Ladigoski in 2017. He saw a gap in the current digital marketing landscape. There was an excess of agencies focusing on driving traffic to websites, but virtually no companies that focused on converting customers after they reached the website. Conversion rate optimization is a very rare skill, as it requires knowledge in design, development, marketing, and statistics. 

NextCore Media has differentiated itself from other conversion rate optimization agencies by creating a new business model that is far more advantageous for E-commerce founders. NextCore Media offers “split testing as a service”, acting as a long-term partner for Ecommerce founders by optimizing their website every week. They follow the philosophy that conversion rate optimization is never “complete”; it is an ever-evolving process of always improving your website’s conversion rate. 

Most conversion rate optimization firms exclusively rebuild entire landing pages, or websites as a whole. The problem with this is if you make many a wide variety of changes to a website at the same time, you cannot attribute the increase in conversion rate to specific changes made. What seals the deal is NextCore’s refund policy; if they cannot find winning split tests in 90 days, they will issue a 100% refund. This way, its clients have a “no-lose scenario” when they work with NextCore Media.

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Lavash Mediterranean Grill
A menu featuring an array of classic Mediterranean meat platters, wraps & sides in a casual space.
Goli Garden
We offer high-class hookah, appetizers and drinks and you can even book our space for your own private event.
Entourage (Coming Soon)
A modern high-end European Restaurant, Bar, Patio, and VIP Night Lounge with (Coming Winter 2022)
Doolabi Brothers Real Estate
Doolabi Brothers manages and owns a series of real estate ventures in the local Atlanta area and internationally.
Royal Water Company
High-end purified water, served in the restaurant industries and event venues
Farsi Kitchen (Coming Soon)
A modern mediterranian restaurant and bar (Coming Winter 2022)

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